QBB Coconut Cream (Carton of 1L x 12)

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QBB UHT Milk is rich in calcium for healthy bones and teeth. It is also rich in protein for muscle development. Since 1925, Q.B.B. has been providing superior dairy products o families and commercial establishments around the world. Q.B.B. was the first to produce clarified butter for South East Asia and has expanded exports to other parts of the world. With almost 80 years of history, Q.B.B. has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, and an impressive track record for providing products of unmatchable quality.

Comes in a full carton of 12 x 1L.

QBB Coconut Cream needs no introduction !
Price listed is for per carton of 1x12L
100% Halal logo clearly on packaging !

We are one of the few exclusive distributors of QBB products in Singapore, if you are looking to purchase in 10 cartons or more, prices can be negotiated just for you because we are wholesalers!

Suitable For:
✔️Nasi Lemak
✔️Nasi Briyani
✔️Nasi Padang
✔️Briyani Curry
✔️Masala Curry
And many others more !

Net Volume: 12x 1L per carton

Each carton only $35.90 NETT when you buy from us!

✔️Halal Certified (CN: 1061072259)
✔️Retail Price Match Guaranteed
✔️Quality and Freshness Assured
✔️Expiry date AT LEAST 3 months for dairy products!
✔️Ingredients: FULL CREAM COW’s MILK
?Free Same Day to One Day Doorstep Delivery

We have been supplying Mr. Teh Tarik, Zam Zam, Victory, and other REPUTABLE names for a long time!

What are you waiting for ? Let us be your supplier today!


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