Our Story

Who We Are

Our story traces way back to the 1990s where everything began. It all began with how Ahmer Rafique started as an fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales executive for wholesale businesses. Through his interactions and work operations as an FMCG executive, he rapidly picked up the knowledge and experience in operating wholesale businesses. Hence, today he is one of Grains Trading core founding members with very valuable insights and knowledge.

From orders of half a container, we have scraped and sweat to maximise our supplies at the start. Till date, we are one of the few established importers in Singapore at this large scale. To achieve this, we have established reliable and trustworthy relationships with our clients – and we are more than willing to share our story.

We pay close attention to details, especially to our quality checks and standard operating procedures.

Best Customer Service

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Fair-Trade Practices


Grains Trading firmly believes in ethical business practices and fair trade. We offer our partnering farmers better prices and upgrade their working conditions. As such, we believe this will also improve their businesses tremendously.